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(Munich, January 11, 2017) Schüco Polymer Technologies KG, a longtime KraussMaffei Berstorff customer, will be commissioning a coextrusion combination in the twin strand at the Weißenfels plant early this year. In this project, a KMD 114-32/P twin-screw extruder, which has been running for more than ten years, has been integrated into a new coex combination, which is also equipped with two KMD 63 K/P conical machines.
– Experienced plastics specialist KaranSimaFam to support Sales and Service for KraussMaffei injection molding and reaction process machinery
– Growth potential in the business areas of vehicle construction, packaging and medical technology

– New PX 50-180 SilcoSet shows intricate micro-injection molding application for medical technology
– New APC plus function compensates for batch fluctuations
– Optimized automation and gripper technology for precise component demolding
– Rosstar places follow-up order for PVC sheet extrusion
– SMIT-Yartsevo invests in PO pipe extrusion line
– Newcomer SLT Aqua starts with PP-R pipe extrusion systems from KraussMaffei Berstorff
– Together with customer Weidplas, KraussMaffei is establishing the world's first series application of the ColorForm process
– One-shot process for injection molding and painting with high-gloss surfaces
– A-pillar paneling of the new SUV Peugeot 3008 proves its worth as a functional design element
– KraussMaffei Berstorff selects EREMA as new supplier for high-quality recycling systems
– Reduced energy consumption during recycling
– New KraussMaffei all-electric injection molding machine series features flexibility, precision and productivity throughout its service life
– One-of-a-kind modular principle for all-electric injection molding machines
– Five all-electric PX machines demonstrate customized solutions from the areas of medicine, electrical engineering and packaging
– Advanced high-gloss surfaces with dynamic mold heating (DMH)
– New automation solutions are flexible and space-saving at the same time
– New enhanced APC plus machine function
– KraussMaffei presents Thermoplastic Resin Transfer Molding (T-RTM) at K 2016
– Short cycle time for automotive demonstrator in hybrid design made of fibers, plastic and metal
– New metering system enables just-in-time material supply
– Near-net-shape production minimizes material and process costs
- Netstal will introduce the ELIOS 7500-4200 for the first time at K 2016
- With a dry cycle time of 1.9 seconds, it is the fastest injection molding machine in the 750-ton class
- Patented clamping unit drive technology with recuperation of kinetic energy
- The clamping force range between 4,500 kN and 7,500 kN offers a precise integration into the modular Netstal portfolio
- aXos 8 with new functions for an improved user experience
- Dashboard, component manager and optimized reference curves
- Simple handling for daily operation with full flexibility for experts
At K 2016, KraussMaffei Berstorff is presenting a wide spectrum of innovative technologies, all related to the theme of Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
- Netstal will present injection-compression molding in a stack mold on an ELION 2800-2000 at K 2016
- The perfect control accuracy of the injection-compression molding process leads to increases in efficiency as well as supermarket-suitable packaging of outstanding quality.
- Complete system solution with IML automation, side entry, camera control and stacker.
- Profitable production of rubber hoses
- Optimal quality with high production batches
KraussMaffei Berstorff will be appearing at K 2016 and presenting various pipe head models, living up to its reputation as a highly skilled partner for pipe head technology in the PO and PVC area.
- All-electric ELION 2800-870 with 128-cavity mold
- Automation solution separated by cavities
- Demonstration of the optimal integration of safety features that prevent product counterfeiting
- New KraussMaffei Berstorff laboratory extruder ideally complements the ZE BluePower series
– Newly developed side feeding and degassing units
– State of the art BPC-Touch control system for easy machine operation and configuration
– UltraGlide feature for rapid screw removal
– Taking into account the specific raw material characteristics for the first time
– Also ideal for special applications such as thin-walled articles or cascade injection molding
– Offered for all hydraulic and electric injection molding machines from KraussMaffei
– Live presentations at K 2016
(Munich, October 27, 2016) Oxxo, the new subsidiary of the Cevital Group (head office: Kouba, Algeria), recently started using 23 twin-screw extruders to produce window profiles on 19 lines in Bordj Bou Arreridj near Algiers. The scope of supply also includes four co-extrusion combinations which manufacture window profiles with inexpensive core material.
– Pollmann International GmbH placed one of the first pre-orders for the new ELIOS
– Suggests great confidence in the experience of Netstal and the outstanding performance of its injection molding machines
– Intended for the production of thin-walled lightweight components for use in cars
– Live at K 2016: 2.8g domed lid, 24+24 mold, cycle time 4 seconds
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