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The KraussMaffei Group operates on an international level in the respective markets in accordance with national and international laws and rules governing competition. In the framework of our Compliance and Ethics Code, we have defined basic principles for our business conduct which form the orientation basis for our employees and business partners who act in the name of the KraussMaffei Group.

You can find the complete Compliance Guideline of KraussMaffei Group here. There are nine language versions available:

KraussMaffei Compliance- und Ethikkodex
KraussMaffei Compliance/Code of Ethics
守则 / 行为举止要求
Kompliancia / požiadavky na správanie
KraussMaffei Conformité/Règles de comportement
Compliance/Exigências de Comportamento Ético
Комплаенс Требования к поведению
KraussMaffei Cumplimiento / Código de Conducta

You can find the details of the contact persons for Compliance at the KraussMaffei Group here.

Contact persons for Compliance at the KraussMaffei Group 

Our work is based around five principles, which we have worked out together and which shape our way of thinking and our activities. We are convinced that these values make an important contribution to the future success of our company.

Our customers are the focal point of our activity.

Most of our attention is geared toward our customers. Satisfied customers are the foundation of our business success. Intensively and systematically cultivated relationships to people in our markets are our strength. We take the concepts customer and customer orientation a step further. We all regard ourselves as customers and ensure that we treat our colleagues as customers. The same rules of the game govern our internal and external activities. The relationship to our customers is determined by continuity, reliability and trust.

We act and conduct ourselves in an exemplary manner.

The basic principles of our activity form our values. They are above our own interests and oblige us to act according to them. Every one of us has to be a role model in dealing with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Performance is the focal point of our activity. Together we set and agree on clear targets based on our corporate objectives.

We constantly learn and improve.

Our aim is continuous improvement by recognizing and eliminating errors, avoiding waste, completing all tasks prior to handover and keeping our workplace tidy. We are also open to learning from the best. We promote this work culture by giving everyone the opportunity, through targeted personnel development, of realizing their individual talents and potential.

We believe in teamwork.

Success is only possible if we work together. We regard teamwork as the key to success. We want everyone to actively contribute and pass on their experience, capabilities and knowledge and promote cooperation across the different areas and departments. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual trust, reliability, fairness, honesty and open communication on all levels of our company.

We assume responsibility.

We expect everybody to think ahead and to take on responsibility. This is why we promote corporate activity and delegate responsibility on all levels with the aim of business success and of consolidating the future of our company in a sustainable manner. Responsibility for us means demonstrating a willingness to perform, not shifting blame onto other people, recognizing and solving problems, improving quality and processes on our own initiative.

Career opportunities

About 5,000 people work for the KraussMaffei Group all over the world. Become part of our success story and apply under our vacancies.

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