Strategic Purchasing KraussMaffei Group

The subject of purchasing is a central element of our corporate strategy. Purchasing has considerable potential for increasing the value added and revenue in the KraussMaffei Group with its product brands KraussMaffei, KraussMaffei Berstorff and Netstal.

Purchasing, logistics and development partnership

We have set ambitious goals. In the first place, we want to reduce our system costs every year. This will not be achieved simply by means of low prices but by reducing logistics and storage costs. We will therefore continuously endeavor to optimize value added across the delivery chain. How can we improve our procurement logistics for example? How can we organize our products in a more cost-effective manner through optimized technical components and modules and offer value added to our customers through innovations? These are a few of the many challenges we have to face. As in our own company, it is also in our interest that customers improve their procedures and processes.

Our production principles make very high demands on the reliability and efficiency of our suppliers. This is why we need suppliers who can meet our requirements on a business as well as technical level and who are prepared to continuously further develop their companies with our help. Ideally, selected suppliers are already integrated in the process in the development phase of new products so that cost-optimized solutions for customers can be developed together.

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About the KraussMaffei Group

The KraussMaffei Group is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic machines in the world and is the only company that offers three essential machine technologies for the plastics and rubber processing industry.