Our top priority as the global market leader is to provide our customers with high-quality, efficient and requirement-oriented machines, systems and process solutions, as well as comprehensive service solutions, and thus to offer our customers considerable added value over the entire value-adding chain. We therefore focus fully on the present-day and future requirements of our customer, whereby our aim is not only to meet the requirements but to excel.

Our strategy

Providing a product and service offer based on requirements

The KraussMaffei Group has a wide-ranging, high-quality and powerful product program from the three recognized brands KraussMaffei, KraussMaffei Berstorff and Netstal. We develop this constantly in accordance with present and future market and customer requirements and complete the program in related areas to further expand the solution- and system capability of our offer. We are also expanding our portfolio of reliable services tailored to needs. This includes, among other things, the areas of consultation, maintenance, optimization, spare parts, customer service and training.

Building on our technological leadership

As the worldwide technological leader, we invest not only in the continuous further development of our superior machine and system technology, but also in our top application knowledge. A core positive aspect in regard to competition is the fact that we are the only manufacturer in the world who can offer products and solutions from a single source for three of the most important technologies on the market: injection molding, extrusion and reaction process technology. We summarize this cross-technology expertise under the unique selling point "Technology³". By combining these technologies, we can offer our customers modern machine and application solutions and thus provide further added value unique in our branch.

Promoting trendsetting processes and applications

With our consistent process and system solutions tailored to our customers' requirements, we cover a wide application spectrum and accompany customers through the complete development and production process. We help you achieve sustained improvements in your product and process quality and to minimize your costs and use of resources. Our process know-how, which is unique in the market, is based on our consistent orientation toward solutions and the high level of application expertise of our employees. By focusing on innovative and trendsetting processes and applications, we are able to make an essential contribution to the business success of our customers.

Consolidating our international presence

The KraussMaffei Group has a strong international sales, service and production network consisting of our own group companies and agencies. As the sectors in which our customers operate are characterized by increasing global networking and cooperation, we can provide worldwide support – irrespective of whether we accompany our customer into new markets or convince new customers in these markets of our competence. Through the concentration and continuous expansion of our international presence, we will also remain a strong and reliable partner for our customers all over the world in the future.

Utilizing growth potential

Based on global market trends, the KraussMaffei Group recognizes opportunities for growth on a global scale. Our product and services portfolio places us technologically in an excellent position to make use of resultant market potential and to offer our customers a significant added value over the entire value-adding chain. Central trends that result in increasing demand for high-quality machines and systems for the production and processing of plastic and rubber include, among other things:

  • Urbanization and globalization due to, among other things, the increase in world population and the continued increase in living standards, which thus results in increasing consumption of plastics mainly in the areas of infrastructure, automotive, packaging materials or medical products.
  • Resource conservation and material savings because, among other things, producers save in the face of dwindling resources and raw materials and have to incorporate new raw materials and those that conserve resources in the production process.
  • Energy, process and product efficiency because, among other things, producers have to reduce the utilization of energy, resources and capital expenditure and have to continuously improve processes to remain competitive in the future.