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– PRELACTIA: Sustainable and cost-efficient PET barrier preforms for liquid dairy products
– AnalytiX: Monitor your injection molding anytime, anywhere
– KraussMaffei South East Asia and Rieckermann agree on a regional sales cooperation
– Expansion of front-end sales of the Netstal brand in seven South East Asian countries
– Rieckermann will represent Netstal for the first time at Propak in Vietnam (20 – 22 March 2018)
– Intelligent Industry 4.0 solutions are front and center at our trade show appearance
– The new MaXecution MES system ensures more transparency and reliability in production planning
– GX made in China and new all-electric PX series support the trend towards boosting quality and efficiency in China
– KraussMaffei Berstorff and Baosu Pipe Industry are cooperating in the field of extrusion on PVC-O pipes
– QuickSwitch technology for "smart factory" also in China
– Efficient, high-speed packaging machine: ELIOS series in use for the first time at an American trade fair
– Extreme precision in the cleanroom: 128 pipette tips in 5.6 seconds
– Cloud-based production monitoring: AnalytiX makes it possible to view the entire injection molding production at any time and anywhere
– Economical beverage packaging: Netstal in the Bottle Zone
– New GX 900 speed option makes packaging and logistics applications faster
– A clever combination: FiberForm with multicomponent technology provides new design options for thermoplastic lightweight construction
– High precision in LSR processing with the all-electric PX series
– More freedom in design thanks to inductive mold heat-balancing
– Conical twin-screw extruders for high-performance profile production
– QuickSwitch Technology for a high degree of automation in polyolefin pipe production
– Premium quality downstream units for first-class finished products
– A new, fully automated wet molding system shortens cycle times and increases cost-efficiency
– High demand for iPul pultrusion systems
– A new spray mixing head ensures faster nozzle replacement
– FiberForm successfully established for large-scale production
– Plastics Academy honors outstanding achievements in the plastics industry
– 'CPP' sales option ensures controlled production shutdown in the case of a power outage
– Reliable prevention of short shots
– Brief power failures and fluctuations are bridged
– Optimum level of system availability and quick amortization in a challenging industrial environment
– Fiberglass rebar holds great appeal thanks to its corrosion resistance, low weight and high tensile strength
– KraussMaffei's TechCenter offers a unique research program to develop new processes and applications in pultrusion
– Significantly faster production speeds than the conventional tub or pull-through processes
(Munich, January 10, 2018) Phillip Zimmermann has been the new Head of the Composites/Surfaces Business Unit for Reaction Process Machinery at KraussMaffei since January 1, 2018. He succeeds Erich Fries, who has left the company to be Managing Director at Hengrui Germany GmbH in the future.
– Modernization through space-saving solution concepts for 3-layer HDPE pipes
– Newcomer invests in KraussMaffei Berstorff PVC pelletizing system
– Customers in Uzbekistan set store by machines and plants from KraussMaffei Berstorff for production expansion
– KraussMaffei Berstorff presents new rubber compounding line
– Optimum recycling solution for large-volume scrap rubber
– Compact plug-and-play solution
– Live demonstration on 20 February 2018 starting at 5.30 p.m.
- Covestro, KraussMaffei and IKV win 2017 FSK Innovation Award for polyurethanes
- Tremendous potential for the efficient mass production of composite sections
– World première at Fakuma
– Greater transparency in production and planning
– Better capacity utilization of the machinery pool, fewer rejects and greater overall equipment effectiveness
– Cooperation with the company MPDV Mikrolab GmbH
– New digital vacuum indicator is integrated completely in the MC6 control system
– New vacuum monitoring regulates compressed air requirement actively
– Predictive maintenance thanks to early leak detection
– Live presentations at the Fakuma trade show
– Dye module simplifies the dye change in the ColorForm process
– Adding multiple dyes increases the design options even for small quantities
– Fast change of the nozzle system shortens the cycle time in Structural Component Spraying (SCS)
- Premium support and optimum availability with the new Netstal e-service
- Visual display of machine parameters anytime, anywhere with AnalytiX
- Link ups to KraussMaffei MaXecution and other MES solutions
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